Los Angeles Tours And Sightseeing

While on a trip to Los Angeles, it becomes obvious that there are an extensive amount of sights and places to see. Because Los Angeles is so large, your first consideration should be transportation. Because LA is so widespread, and not merely concentrated in one central area, you need to plan your travels based upon the sites and places that are most important for you to experience. Then, you must determine what steps you must take, while taking into consideration the effort that will likely be expended to get to those places. The number one factor will be traffic. LA is known for its traffic jams and it is best to limit the amount of driving you do, especially during rush hour periods.

One good way to travel throughout Los Angeles, without having to drive yourself, is to take a tour around LA. There are numerous tour companies and most can be found on the internet. A van tour of LA could be good for those who do not consider themselves to be good drivers. In addition, a tour ride in a van will allow you to relax and take pictures while someone else drives. Furthermore, the tour driver will not only be able to take you to many of the spots and sights you will want to see, but will be able to narrate and provide interesting facts as well. For some of you however, sitting in a van that is driving around in traffic is not exactly an exciting way to spend your trip. If this is you, then you may want to consider an aerial tour of Los Angeles in a helicopter.

A helicopter tour over Los Angeles will allow you to see most of LA in a very short period of time. A Los Angeles helicopter tour is sure to provide an exciting time and memorable experience of your trip. While avoiding traffic, your helicopter flight may take you over downtown LA, Santa Monica, Sunset Blvd., Hollywood, Griffith Observatory, the Hollywood Sign, the beach, amusement parks, stadiums, and star’s homes. A good helicopter tour pilot will show you points of interest and fly the helicopter in order to allow you to take the best possible pictures. It is generally recommended that you take a helicopter tour only when the weather is nice, otherwise the visability could be disappointing. Fortunately, Los Angeles has very good weather most of the time.

Some other ground-based tours which you may want to consider would include movie star’s homes, shopping malls, Rodeo Drive, museums including the Los Angeles County Museum of Art, Getty Center, Petersen Automotive Museum, and the Gene Autry Western Heritage Museum. Also be sure to see amusement parks, such as Disneyland, Six Flags Magic Mountain, Universal Studios, Knott’s Berry Farm, and Disney California Adventure. In Santa Monica you can check out the famous Santa Monica Pier, Third Street Promenade, and then head over to Venice beach. If you enjoy flowers and the outdoors, then the Los Angeles County Arboretum and Descansco Gardens are beautiful places to take a walking tour. Dodger stadium tours are also a popular stop. This behind the scene tour of the stadium lets fans visit restricted areas and view the ballpark from a whole new perspective. Also of great interest is the Griffith Observatory, which has been a major Los Angeles landmark since 1935. From the observatory, there is a stunning view of the Los Angeles basin below, especially at night. Lastly, a stop at the La Brea Tarpits will feature real observation pits and life size replicas of some extinct mammals as well as dinosaurs, and is landscaped to include Ice Age plants.

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