The Most Important Museums to Visit in Los Angeles

Yes, Los Angeles is not only about movies. The city has many superb museums make it one of the richest cities in the world on this plan.

LACMA, Los Angeles County Museum of Art

The Art Museum of Los Angeles County is one of the most important cultural centers in the United States. With an encyclopedic vocation, the LACMA illustrates the history of art from the beginning until today. The collections are devoted to Asian art, Islamic art, American art, European art and photography and they are truly exceptional.

The Getty Center

Here is the richest museum in Los Angeles, which was funded by the foundation of the late billionaire Jean Paul Getty. More than a museum, it is a huge cultural complex, which attracts over 10 000 visitors per day. Among the museum’s collections, those devoted to European painting and decorative arts are most remarkable. The masterpieces housed at the Getty Center are numerous, including the Saint Barthelme tables painted by Rembrandt in 1661 or the Irises painted in 1889 by Van Gogh.

The Getty Villa

Founded by Jean Paul Getty, the Getty Villa is a replica of the beautiful Papyrus villa, which was one of the most beautiful Roman homes at Herculaneum before being buried under the lava of Vesuvius at the same time as Pompeii. An impressive site, with gardens and an incredible sumptuous villa, the place houses a large collection of ancient art.

Huntington library, art gallery and botanical gardens

The sumptuous Huntington villa invites you to discover cultural and sensory delights that even the most reluctant people to visit a museum will enjoy. The botanical garden of 50 hectares is simply fascinating. Stroll through the tropical jungle before returning to the quiet Japanese garden. The villa also contains a unique collection of books including a Gutenberg Bible printed in 1456. In summary, the Huntington villa is more than a museum it is a trip alone!

MOCA, Museum of Contemporary Art

The Museum of Modern Art in Los Angeles only works after 1940. Not hesitating to find new talent, the museum has acquired a fine reputation for the boldness of its acquisitions. Here, qualitative and forward thinking works are the main criteria. The MOCA has a few paintings done by masters like Miro, Pollock, Giacometti and De Kooning.

Norton Simon Museum of Art

Although it is not that famous, the Norton Simon Museum of Art is one of the country’s major museums. Devoted to painting, sculpture and European and Asian art, it contains an impressive number of masterpieces such as “The Virgin and Child with a Book”, painted by Raphael in 1504. Another example is the sculpture garden, which exhibits works by Rodin and Maillol and others.

Natural History Museum of Los Angeles County

This is a wonderful museum to discover or rediscover the origins of living and extinct species. The skeletons of prehistoric creatures face a great success. Remember to visit the rooms devoted to marine species and giant insects.

Southwest Museum

This museum is devoted to Native American culture in all its forms. A beautiful museum that is very informative.

Petersen Automotive Museum

Opened in 1994, this museum illustrates the history of the automobile through the models on display. You will find cars of the early twentieth century along with the solar car today. The famous Aston Martin of James Bond will be for some the highlight of the show.

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