What To Do If A Koi Suddenly Dies In Your Garden Pond

Koi fish ponds require regular clean up and maintenance. You need to ensure that your garden pond is always clean to keep the fish healthy. You should also closely monitor the growth and condition of your fish in the Koi pond. However, there are times that a Koi will suddenly die in your garden pond. This is a common issue that bugs owners of Koi fish ponds. So here are the things you should do if a Koi suddenly dies in your Koi pond.

Remove the Fish from the Pond

Once you see a floating dead Koi in your pond, you have to immediately remove it from the water. Allowing a dead fish in the water can cause bacterial infestation on the remaining healthy fish. Scoop the dead fish with a net and place it on a clean surface.

Inspect the Dead Fish Closely

The next thing that you should do is to visually inspect the dead fish that you have just taken out from the Koi pond. Look for possible signs of Koi fish injury such as a break on its scales. If you see injuries, then there are outside factors that caused the fish kill and you can rule out the outbreak of disease in your garden pond. However, if you see signs of ulceration, especially in the mouth and gills of the dead fish, then there is something wrong with your Koi fish ponds.

Check the Activity of the Remaining Fish

You have to return to your pond and observe the remaining Koi fishes. This step is important in order to determine if your stock is still healthy. Look for signs of diseases, ulceration, or any abnormal activities. If the Koi fishes look sluggish, then you have to investigate further in order to know the cause of the fish kill.

Check Water Quality

To make sure that the water quality of your garden pond is still good, you need to take a water sample and test it. You have to make sure that the pH level of the water is acceptable. You also have to check your Koi pond for ammonia concentration. To avoid future fish kill in your Koi fish ponds, you can implement a 30 to 40 percent water change in order to freshen up the pond.

You should also check your water filters to see if they are not clogged and still working perfectly. You should also check if your water aerators are in good working condition. You can avoid more fish kill if you will ensure that the water quality of your pond is perfect.

Call a Professional to Get Some Help

If your immediate solutions did not work and your Koi fishes are still dying in your Koi pond, then you have to call the company that installed your garden pond. Professional Koi fish ponds builders will know how to diagnose and solve fish kills. It is best to let the professionals do the troubleshooting so you can avoid more fish kills and save the remaining Koi in your pond.

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